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High Gas Prices:

One of the biggest concerns in Fresno is what runs our lives…gas.


By: Lizabeth Andres Aguilar, Jackson Sanchez, & Ricky Oaks

High Speed Trains:

Many people in central California have been waiting for the California High-Speed Rail to start rolling, but it’s been a struggle to get the train on the track.

By: Bryan Welch, Victoria Picazo

Student Cupboard:

Fresno is one of the largest agricultural producers in the world, yet some students are still struggling with food insecurity.

By: Kat Aleci, Natalia Mendoza, & Yahaida Ruiz

Rising Costs Affect Farmers:

Money doesn’t grow on trees, and fruit is heading in that direction.

By: David Victor, Emily Crabtree, & Cesar Maya

Taco Food Trucks:

People are now opening their own businesses and becoming food vendors as the popularity of street food is suddenly rising.


By: Rene Rodriguez, Jacqueline Alvarez, & Alex Flores

Cost of Haircuts:


Inflation has been affecting every industry, especially the rising costs of hair-cutting services.

By: Adore Berzamina, Josue Miranda

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