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Our Team

“Say What?” is a show about language and communication produced by a class of 30 undergraduate media production students at Toronto Metropolitan University. We produced stories and conducted interviews with people all around the world examining how we express ourselves and understand others through language. 


The Good News Show

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“And the Good News Is…” is a global news programme looking at the positive stories of hope and community from around the world. Hosted by students at Leeds Trinity University in the U.K. it’s a co-production by eight universities in seven countries across 16 time zones.

Our Productions

Global Campus Studio Productions: A collaboration between media production and journalism students from around the world.

Food for Thought is a series of 7 current affairs shows produced by journalism and media productions students at universities in 10 countries.

Each year, we select a theme for our shows, with students producing stories and interviews related to that theme. Last year's theme was food, with stories focused on related themes such as food waste, farming, and nutrition. 

Share these student productions by visiting our Youtube and Facebook page. 

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Global News Relay 

March 2022

Stay tuned for our Global News Relay shows.





A two day free conference examining the benefits, challenges, and future of international collaborative projects

November 29th - 30th 2021
Virtual Conference via Zoom

The Conference

A virtual conference hosted at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada

Missed our conference? You can watch the different sessions below.

          What are Global News Relay and                    Global Campus Studio Projects? 

Keynote speaker: Dr. Sarah Jones, Deputy Dean, De Montfort University

“I just spent the morning in another country” : The rise of global collaborations to support mobility and enhance the student experience through international news production.

         Global Collaborations

An overview of international collaborative projects by Nick Duarte, MA student at Ryerson University, Toronto

Participant Discussion + Making It Work With Your Curriculum

Conference participants discuss benefits, challenges and opportunities of our Global Campus Studio and Global News Relay projects

Hologram Demonstration + Discussion with Andrew Dorcas from ARHT Media, Toronto

How holograms can enhance digital experiences

Stephen Paine, BUAS, The Netherlands

Virtual sets

Keynote Speaker: James Mahon, UWS Scotland

Is mobile journalism a revolution or an evolution?

        Student Voices

Students discuss how they benefit from these projects

          Google Workshop

Google News initiative on the best practice using Google Meet for broadcasting, including how to host live interviews with guests from around the world, and produce high quality video 

Sylvia Vollenhoven, UJ, South Africa

Inclusivity: the challenges of using new technologies in an unequal playing field. Can we sustain these projects without getting all of the world involved? 

What's Next for International Collaboration: A Collection of Comments From Our Discussions at The End of Our Conference

Why we do this. What's in it for us, our students and our universities? 


Conference Organizers

Global Campus Studio Productions is a consortium of 15 universities worldwide. We produce current affairs shows with student co-hosts from around the world. 

Our team
Katherine Blair head shot_edited.jpg

Katherine Blair

Katherine Blair is the Broadcast Journalism programme leader at Leeds Trinity University, UK where she has taught television and social media journalism for 14 years.

Before that, she was a television presenter, reporter and producer/director at ITV Yorkshire and the CBC in Newfoundland and Labrador, and MCTV in Timmins, Canada for 20 years.


Marion Coomey

Marion Coomey is a Professor with the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. She teaches international media production, broadcast presentation and writing.  Marion has been a news reporter, host, writer and producer at CBC TV and Radio across Canada.


She is  Executive Producer of Global Campus Studio Productions, a project bringing together students from 15 countries to produce online shows. 


April De Haas

April de Haas is a Canadian Television Producer and Educator. After two decades in Canadian production, she relocated to The Netherlands where she has taught at BUAS for ten years, spearheading the international media production partnerships for students.

She has taken a sabbatical from education and headed back into industry and is working on high end factual content in Amsterdam.


Jenny Lam

Faith-Terry TLG4385-Edit_Full_edited.jpg

Faith Sidlow

Jenny Lam is a senior lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University. She teaches broadcast journalism and investigative journalism and is interested in the use of digital technology in broadcasting. 


Ms Lam has taught at Hong Kong Baptist University for ten years. Before that, she was a news editor and anchor at Television Broadcast Limited in Hong Kong for more than 20 years.

Faith Sidlow is an award-winning broadcast journalist with 30 years experience in TV and radio news. She is an associate professor at California State University, where she teaches broadcast and multimedia journalism.

Faith worked as a reporter, anchor and producer for the Fresno NBC affiliate for 28 years. Her early broadcast career included radio reporter and board operator at KPBS-FM; San Diego reporter for KNX News Radio, Los Angeles; and research intern for CBS News in London. 

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