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Mental Health Care:

Explore the impact of mental health on Canadian students facing financial burdens while navigating self-care challenges. 

By: Kate Kopylova, Mustafa El Sayed, Mary Rodgers

Historical Buildings:

Discover Toronto's rich architectural heritage and how the city connects the past and the future.

By: Kate Kopylova

Afro Tax:

Why does it cost so much to take care of black hair? Cyanna Armstrong finds out.

By: Diana Miclat, Shannah Williamson, Cyanna Armstrong


Are grocery prices in Toronto too high? Follow Ainsley as she shops for food to cook for her friends.

By: Ainsley Soeterik, Caitlin Edwards, Lia Liederman

Comfort Food:

A small-town guy navigates Toronto’s diverse food culture.


By: Nic McAllister


Toronto has highways, trains, buses, and a subway system. But each comes with its own problems, including delays, breakdowns, and congestion. What roadblocks do students face commuting to university?


By: Allicea Sivanesan, Faye Yang, Bojana Lelas, Lucas Moscati, Melanie Ng

The Price is NOT Right: 

Unequal wages, higher expenses for training and equipment and fewer opportunities than male athletes are just a few of the challenges faced by female athletes. Find out more in this story.


By: Olivia Majcher, Mary Rogers

What Students Pay for Rent: 

Toronto is one of the most expensive cities in the world to rent an apartment. See how much students pay for their accommodation.


By: Nicole Krasner, Nic McAllister, Anj Jaikaran, Olivia Majcher

Living in Residence vs. Commuting from Home:

What costs more, living at home and commuting to school, or living in a student residence on campus?  Let's find out.


By: Caitlin Edwards

Quality of Food:

Two students investigate why Canadian cuisine falls short compared to its European counterparts.


By: Vincent Lecompte, Michael Rosa, James Strother-Crilley, Natalie Kalnicky, Marina Yap

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